What Is File Transfer Protocol – FTP?

What Is File Transfer Protocol – FTP?

About FTP : FTP is the acronym of File Transfer Protocol. For transferring the data from one computer system, to another system we are using FTP over transmission control protocol (TCP) as internet. FTP are basically  used for making the bridge between host server with local machine. It is uses for transferring the website content such as website file folder images files  to the host server. We can also transfer the audio and video file from local machine to the host server through FTP.

FTP provides functions to upload, download and delete files, create and delete directories, read directory contents.

Graphical FTP clients :
Graphical FTP client is using for transferring the file through browser by simply just like copy and pate in the local computer system, it is simply we can drag and drop the file to another folder which has connected to the server.

Connection protocol

after that it will asking for ftp user ID and password

FTP through Command Line :
All the operating system having the command line such as Window, Linux, Mac [CMD, Terminal ]
ftp ftp.yourdomainname.com

In fact SFTP is an abbreviation of “SSH File Transfer Protocol”
Has good standards background which strictly defines most (if not all) aspects of operations
Has only one connection (no need for DATA connection)
The connection is always secured
The directory listing is uniform and machine-readable
The protocol includes operations for permission and attribute manipulation, file locking and more functionality

What is FTPS : It is the acronym of File Transfer Protocol Secure or simply known as FTP secure. Transferring the files over the secure sockets layer (SSL) protocol from local machine to host server.
Widely known and used
  The communication can be read and understood easily.
Provides services for server-to-server file transfer.
SSL/TLS has good authentication mechanisms.
FTP and SSL/TLS support is built into many internet communication frameworks.

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