Caution To All Of Our Customer Regarding Suspicious Email

Caution To All Of Our Customer Regarding Suspicious Email

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Currently we all are facing one big spam email receive problem in our email box. and spam email is effected by viruses. how to stop spam email? please read below article.

As we have already making the configuration at our server to make the filter from any fraudulent “phishing” email.
Our setting will make minimize the risk of delivering any fraudulent “phishing” or malware attachment email.
Even though some email has delivered in your inbox, So be cautious about these email and follow the below steps
to avoid any kind of harming your system or your email inbox.

“Phishing” (also known as “carding” or “spoofing”) refers to email that attempts to fraudulently acquire your personal information from you, such as your account password or any another valuable or personal information. On the surface, the email may appear to be from a legitimate company or individual, but it’s not.

Some time they will use your account password and start spamming from them when you not aware.
If you get any suspicious activity in you account immediately change your password.

Step 1 :
Please check the from email Id which you had received [Please do not open the email if you are not recognize the from email ID or email id like iSxa@.. or similar like 234We@ Like email]  You should delete these mail.

Step 2 :
Be cautious of attachments
In email if you found any attachment and which from email you are not recognize then avoid to download the attachment.

Step 3 :
Be cautious of links in the email : Do not Open the link [It should be download auto running files]
When in doubt, never click on a link in an unsolicited or suspicious email. Scam emails can contain a hidden link to a site that asks you to enter your log on and account information.

Protection :

  • Make sure you subscribe to an anti-virus software and keep it up-to-date.
  • Do not respond to emails asking for account, password, banking, or credit card information.
  • Do not open up an attachment that claims to be a software update Or any hidden link.
  • Make sure you have given strong passwords on your computer and your account.
  • Password must be contained a mixed of capital and small letter with digit and spacial character.
  • Always avoid to keep password as dictionary word.
  • Make schedule to change password within 15 days or Monthly once.

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